TROW Technologies Inc.

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TROW Technologies Inc. provides an alternative to chemical water treatment. 

The solid-state technology of  the FLOW-TECH system provides consistent and constant treatment without the need for chemicals and chemical balancing. Working on any type and size of cooling tower, the FLOW-TECH system replaces corrosion and scale inhibiting chemicals and can reduce Biocide requirements by 50% or more.

FLOW-TECH - is a proven cost effective, environmentally preferred water treatment solution.

Scale and Bio-fouling greatly reduce the efficiency of cooling systems. Scale and biofilm create an insulating barrier reducing condensing capacity and increasing the demand on the system. This increased demand not only increases energy costs, but also reduces the life expectancy of the equipment.  Chemical treatment requires constant chemical balancing to control scale and biologics in the system. Environmental factors such as rain and temperature are a few of the factors that contribute to the ongoing struggle to balance chemicals in a cooling tower.   

FLOW-TECH operates consistently without the need to constantly adjust the chemical dosage. 

Eliminate the chemical balancing and ongoing struggle with the FLOW-TECH solution.  Proven consistent and constant water treatment for cooling towers!

Cooling Towers provide the perfect environment for Algae and Bacteria. Plankton Bacteria (singular cell) can be easily killed by biocides however Sessile Bacteria is extremely difficult to kill. Sessile Bacteria is a colony of Bacteria that attaches to surfaces and forms a layer (bio-film) to protect the colony.  FLOW-TECH effectivley disrupts biofilm as proven by the UPitt ASHRAE Study,  The study can be accessed by clicking the UPitt Study button below.

The Flow-Tech system has been proven to be effective in treating Sessile Bacteria.