TROW Technologies Inc.

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Water treatment for all types of  steam boilers can be simplified and provide consistent protection. FLOW-TECH protects against all types scale, without the ongoing cost and use of harsh toxic chemicals.  

Annual inspections continue to prove that FLOW-TECH is the answer to protect boilers. Clean, scale-free boilers continue to impress boiler inspectors. Scale and corrosion chemicals used in boilers can be replaced with the solid-state technology of FLOW-TECH.

Water softeners introduce chlorides (salt) to the feed water. Salt is corrosive and needs to be neutralized by a corrosion inhibitor and PH balancing is required as the alkaline has been removed. this method of water treatment is inconsistent and can be destructive to the boiler.

Rig boilers are used throughout Alberta and proper water treatment has been a constant struggle due to the constantly changing water supply. Prior to Electronic Water Treatment chemical cleaning and tube replacement was required. Electronic water treatment has provided the only consistent solution for this problem. It is a simple, easy, environmentally friendly solution to a problem.

Note: PH balancing may be required if the feed water is not per manufactures specifications. Consult with TROW Technologies Inc. for further information.